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about us

Africa Maintenance Equipment (AME) is a specialist supplier of engineering consumables in the maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) product groupings. We supply mining, industry, power generation, municipalities, and state-owned enterprises.

AME is proudly an authorised distributor of leading global brands for BMG, INDUSTRI, Belt Brokers, OST and Screen Doctor. Through our partnerships, AME is able to leverage massive buying power through economies of scale – as well as highly effective supply chain efficiencies.

Africa Maintenance Equipment - AMAJUBA

What makes us standout


We provide a variety of project solutions

AME plays a pivotal role in supporting the productivity and production targets of
all industrial, manufacturing, mining and agricultural sectors in South Africa.


Experienced project management

Leveraging the BMG’s strengths in Projects, but with a new mantra “Together Empowering Locals for Tomorrow”, AME offers support that adds an unrivalled depth of additional value to our customers.


Best possible

In the bid to procure cutting-edge components at competitive prices, AME is able to capitalise on long-standing relationships with leading manufacturers dedicated to excellence in design and production.

Africa Maintenance Equipment

Our Clients

Your Partner in Projects

Shared Services

Thanks to our considerable technical competencies, combined with the quality of our inimitable product offerings, AME is able to deliver superior service.
Our shared OE projects team manages projects from the initial scope of work to final delivery – all from a single point of contact. Appropriate design, the correct specification of products, performance and delivery are thereby ensured.


greatest asset

our people & community

At the forefront of each AME business, is a deep commitment to customers with a view to reducing operational costs while implementing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) principles.