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As an authorised distributor for BMG, AME extends our commitment to providing you with added value services and products. Through the BOERSLIM/SMART FARMING initiative, a team of agricultural experts offers farming sustainability solutions that focus on effective food production, the correct use of suitable equipment for the specific task and the efficient application of advanced technologies.

We work closely with farmers to demonstrate that their investment in the latest equipment and improved products is necessary to maximise productivity and ultimately translates into tangible operational efficiencies. Our range of high-quality components conforms to relevant quality assurance and specification certifications, and are engineered to improve productivity, operate efficiently for extended periods, and to reduce cost in the long-term.

We have the widest range and stockholding of superior quality products backed by technical expertise and a 24/7/365 day service.

Ironware Products

  • Agricultural bearings
  • Agricultural chain & sprockets
  • Agricultural gearboxes
  • Aqua docks
  • Couplings
  • Drive belts & pulleys
  • Drives
  • Harrow discs
  • Pivot drive units
  • Pivot wheels
  • PTO shafts & accessories
  • Sweeps & ripper points

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